Review on Goodreads

I wrote Realms of Terswood because I had a story, world, and characters in my head and heart that I had to get out. I published the book so I could share that with others, in the hope that others would derive some emotion from it. Maybe you identify with one of the characters, wishContinue reading “Review on Goodreads”

The Dedication

Many people’s help went into writing Realms of Terswood: my wonderfully helpful advanced readers, my editor Shannon Roberts, and most of all, my husband Aaron. But without one other, I may have never picked up writing again. I restarted my tae kwon do training as a reason to get out of the house. As IContinue reading “The Dedication”

It’s Not Digital Art

The original of the book’s cover art is hanging in our kitchen. Oil on canvas by Jim Williams (

Amazing Interior Art

The book’s internal artwork was created by the wildly talented Ryan Allen. I’m still blown away by the beauty of this frozen tree and the gorgeous map of Poas.

Beautiful Cover Art

Thank you to Michigan artist Jim Williams for the beautiful work on the book’s cover art. It shows Castle Dracon in the early years when Perith was still a small town outside the southern gates.

Prepping to Edit

I ordered a new proof of the paperback and received it today. The cover now show much more clearly the amazing work of Jim Williams. I worked out some other spacing and kerning issues throughout the book. A week from today, the actual editor, Shannon Roberts, will get the manuscript and begin her work. I’mContinue reading “Prepping to Edit”

Book two coming along

I had hoped to resolve everything in a single book but the world and characters were too much to introduce as well as complete the full story arc of Ruvaal’s plans. I am working on book two, which will have Alishia growing more into her powers and continue the ancient Mraasil’s scheme. I had theContinue reading “Book two coming along”


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