Book Two Progress

I had a wildly productive staycation this last week and book two’s word count doubled. Alishia’s storyline is mapped out and mostly written; Lone’s is coming together nicely. And poor Dehset, he’s in way over his head. It’s looking like a three part book with, like Realms, a few Tales chapters at the end toContinue reading “Book Two Progress”

Hardcover Cover Art

The leather hardcovers are beautiful! Don’t worry, the gorgeous cover art by Jim Williams was not lost. It is printed in all its full color glory just inside.

Goodreads Giveaway Almost Up

The giveaway for a Kindle copy of Realms of Terswood only has a few hours left but has breached 400 entries! There are still about four hours left. If you don’t win, that’s okay, the book is only 99cents on Kindle. Enter to win at

Character Spotlight: Amer

Twenty-five years ago, the necromancer Amer rose to power on the southern continent of Iecil. He rolled over the population, killing thousands, raising them to join his army. The nations of Poas finally discovered him. After five major battles and thousands more dead, Then-Prince Daelin evoked the power of his grandsire Cazlandt, destroying the leyContinue reading “Character Spotlight: Amer”

Hardcovers are in!

The hardcovers were delivered today! I will be getting them in the mail this weekend.

Goodreads Giveaway Hits 200!

The Goodreads giveaway for a Kindle copy of Realms of Terswood just topped 200 requests! There’s still more than a week to try to win your copy! Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Giveaway

December 5 through the 17th, enter to win a Kindle copy of Realms of Terswood on 100 will be given away! Enter now!

Favorable Quote

Sometimes while writing, a combination of words comes out that makes me smile. Here’s a line from the as-yet-untitled second book of The Chronicler’s Awakening series: Aiden and Ethan exchanged a look again. “Guardians?” Ethan asked. “Mraasil? Elder Grimorc told us stories about your kind when we were babes. We all thought you were justContinue reading “Favorable Quote”


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